SOS Health Services offers a variety of services to our patients. We encourage patients to get an annual exam as a form of preventative care. 

We Can Help With:
  • Acute respiratory illness- a sore throat, ear problems, chest colds, asthma, sinus infections, eye symptoms, allergies

  • Intestinal and digestion complaints

  • Injuries – lacerations, sprains, bruises

  • Skin problems – rashes, skin infections, abscesses, boils

  • Muscle and joint problems – back pain, arthritis, muscle pain, headaches

  • Internal medical problems  --  diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, including needed laboratory and dietary assistance

  • Urinary system problems and infections

  • Women’s health care – including screening pap smears and mammograms

  • Evaluation of need and assistance for obtaining x-rays for illness or injury

  • Mental or emotional health issues – symptoms, medication needs, referral

  • Acute dental infections

  • Short school and camp physical exams

  • Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections 

  • Assistance with referral to other community agencies and providers when problems are not in our scope of practice

  • Flu shots in-season

  • SOS Health Services has a trained healthcare navigator

We Cannot Help With:
  • Medical emergencies

  • Dental work (unless it is an infection)

  • Treatment for chronic pain syndromes

  • On-the-job injuries (Labor and Industries, State Industrial Accidents)

  • Social Security Disability Evaluations, FAA physicals

  • Prenatal and obstetrical services

  • Any services which must be billed to an agency or company

  • Vaccines other than the flu shot in season, contact the department of county health for help with vaccines

Contact Information

Specific Problems:

  • Dental work:

    • If you have no insurance, please call (509) 529-3377 (Helpline), or visit this link

    • If you have Apple Insurance (Medicaid in Washington), please call (509) 529-3100 ext. 5 

  • HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C support services at Blue Mountain Heart to Heart, please call (509) 529-4744 or visit this link

  • Counseling, please call (509) 529-2322 


  • Providence St. Mary's Hospital, please call (509) 525-3320 or visit this link

  • Helpline (for dental referral, counseling referral, prescription help), please call (509) 529-3377, or visit this link

  • Planned Parenthood (men and women's health services, STD testing/treatment, HPV/Hepatitis vaccines, HIV testing), please call (866) 904-7721 or visit this link

  • Department of Health and Social Services, please call (800) 562-3022 or visit this link

  • Birthright (medical referrals and education relating to education), please call (509) 529-8678 or visit this link

  • Walla Walla County Health Department, please call (509) 524-2650 or visit this link

  • Family Medical Center, please call (509) 525-6650 for medical or (509) 525-0247 for dental or visit this link

In case of emergency, please call 911

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