Job description: Clinic Coordinator.  

Summary: Assist the Board of Directors in overseeing the day-to-day clinic operations, volunteer staffing and supervision, and patient care coordination of SOS HEALTH SERVICES OF WALLA WALLA. Assist the Board of Directors in overseeing the overall organization and functions of the clinic, its staff/volunteers (including AmeriCorps members and student interns), its finances and donors, its related legal obligations, and its administrative policies.

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Our Mission:

SOS Health Services of Walla Walla is an urgent care facility that provides quality walk-in healthcare services to individuals without health insurance (or without adequate health insurance) in the Walla Walla Valley. SOS Health Services does not deny people access to services regardless of citizenship status or geographic location. 

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SOS History: 

SOS Health Services of Walla Walla was founded in 2000 by a service-minded physician who recognized a need for health care for the uninsured in the valley. Since the beginning, SOS Health Services has been a faith-based, non-denominational clinic providing compassionate urgent-care services to people from in Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon.

SOS Health Services serves hundreds of patients each quarter and the numbers are only growing. With all of our many wonderful volunteer physicians, nurses, students, phlebotomists, and our transcriptionist, we are able to continue our care and service to our community. Together with SonBridge Community Center, Walla Walla General Hospital, Providence St. Mary Medical Center, and other amazing donors, our services are the beautiful results of care pouring in from a number of different people and organizations.  

In addition to benefiting those with little to no insurance, SOS Health Services is a crucial part of the community healthcare safety net. By providing a place for the underinsured and uninsured to go, valuable emergency room and hospital resources are conserved. In 2012 alone, we calculated saving the county approximately $28,000 (State dollars only). With increasing awareness and support of our clinic, we are becoming an integral element of our community’s health.

How We Make This Work:

  • With the funds that we receive from grants and donations, we are able to provide for prescription funding when patients are unable to afford the $5.00 WalMart prescription plan.
  • Through the State-funded liability coverage, we are able to provide the extension of medical licenses for our volunteer physicians as well as liability insurance for their volunteer services. Physicians interested in volunteering for our clinic are able to bring their years of expertise to the table without the stress of what had been a full time profession.
  • Walla Walla General Hospital donates their lab and lab technicians so our blood work labs are free.
  • The SonBridge Community Center has donated our building space so we can function rent-free.  
  • Patients are able to donate while at the clinic or any time thereafter. We offer a suggested rate according to which service our patients received. However, all of our visits are free of charge.
  • We have been blessed with a full-time AmeriCorps member for the past four years and will have another service member with us again next contract year. These AmeriCorps members help make our daily operations function and arrange for our volunteers' schedules. This year, we are so lucky to have Krystal Lund running the show.
  • We are also incredibly lucky to have many wonderful volunteers who work in the office, translate for us, and provide to our patients as providers. We would not be able to function without the service of these many dedicated individuals. 

Our Donors:

SOS Light House (More than $5,000 donated)

  • Blue Mountain Community Foundation
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Barton and Janet Moore
  • Nelson Irrigation
  • Providence Health Services
  • Providence St. Mary's Medical Center
  • Rack and Maintenance
  • Sapere Consulting Company
  • Society of St. Vincent De Paul
  • Yvonne Stratton
  • Stephen Tatro
  • Walla Walla General Hospital
  • Whitman College

SOS Life Boat ($2,500 - $5,000)

  • Assumption Church
  • Community Bank
  • Crown Paper Supply
  • Julie Freeman
  • Grace Christian Church
  • Mike & Bessie Hinchman
  • Paul & Joan McLain
  • WalMart Foundation

SOS Life Ring ($1,000 - $2,500)

  • Brian Anderson 
  • Gerald & Janice Anhorn
  • Marc & Karri Bruce
  • Glenn & Jennifer Carter
  • Catholic Daughters 668
  • First Congregational Church
  • Harley Green
  • Jeanne Hall
  • Wendy Hernandez

    SOS Life Jacket ($100 - $1,000)

    • Mark Anderson
    • Baker Boyer Bank
    • Bruce Barga
    • Wendy Carlton
    • College Place Lions Club
    • Ron Fleck
    • JK & EE Foster
    • Richard & Karen Henderson
    • Jenae Henry
    • Doug & Linda Henry
    • Kmart
    • Jack & Carol Anne LeFore
    • J & CD Lu
    • James & Kay Maxfield
    • Roland & Diane Morgan
    • O'Brien Motor
    • RC Trucking
    • Tom Sawatzki
    • Seven Hills Winery
    • Penny Shell
    • SonBridge
    • St. Paul's Episcopal Church
    • Jeffrey & Lauren Stiles
    • Kirk Willard
    • James Vandersloot

    Additional donations from:

    • 1-2-3 Printing
    • Associated Students of Walla Walla High School
    • Copier Services, College Place
    • Eastern Washington Dermatology Clinic
    • Helpline
    • Hospice of Walla Walla
    • Interpath Labs
    • Jill's Uniform Shop
    • Medicine Shoppe
    • Providence Health Services of Seattle
    • Providence St. Mary Medical Center, Pharmacy and Supply
    • Providence St. Mary Medical Center, Cancer Center
    • Walla Walla City Seventh Day Adventist Church
    • Walla Walla County Health Department
    • Walla Walla Community College, School of Nursing
    • Walla Walla Medical Society
    • Walla Walla University, School of Nursing
    • Walla Walla University, School of Psychology
    • Walla Walla University, Wilma Hepker School of Social Work and Sociology

    SOS Volunteers:

    Volunteer Doctors:

    • Dr. Paul McLain (SOS Medical Director)
    • Dr. Chris Jenkins
    • Dr. Timothy Barry
    • Dr. James Edwards
    • Dr. Gene Conley 
    • Dr. James Johnson
    • Dr. Michael Luce
    • Dr. Eileen Smith
    • Melanie Howard, ARNP
    • Josh Reyes, ARNP
    • Cynthia Reese, ARNP
    • Evelyn Rhynard, ARNP
    • Ruth Hallowell, ARNP

    Volunteer Nurses & EMTs:

    • Janice Anhorn (Clinic Manager), RN
    • Muff Balakier, RN
    • Naoko Seki, RN
    • Shirley Panasuk, RN
    • Becky Huwe, RN
    • Ruby Miller, RN
    • Joan Carmen, RN
    • Sharie Ledford, RN
    • Vikki Davis, RN
    • Carol McFadyen, RN
    • Sharon Thiel, RN
    • Rita Potter, RN
    • Marion Inglis, RN
    • Bessie Hinchman, RN
    • Shirley Panasuk, RN
    • Dave Dankel, EMT
    • Tom Haffner, EMT
    • Jenny Wall, EM

    Volunteer Translators and Medical Interpreters:

    • Larry Miller
    • Alexis Robles
    • Cynthia Molina
    • Kristen Cofeen-Smith
    • Pilar de la Cruz
    • Linda Villareal
    • Raul Rodriguez

    Student Volunteers:

    • Mathias Palmer
    • Emily Bowen
    • Stephanie Reamy
    • Tessa Dignum
    • Sarah Blacher

    Other Volunteers:

    • Keith Appling
    • Pat Reed
    • Heidi Santana
    • Peggy Wagner
    • Lanchi Nguyen
    • Kalli Peterson